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Origins of Water:
This first section is the foundation to understanding what all of the following sections are based on. This is the underlining explanation and reason for suggested solutions.

Benefits of Water: If one does not conceive the importance of water, then one will abuse and waste water.

Man's Contamination of Water: Today many look to blame someone else for the problem and fail to see the little things they do that add up and also contribute to the problem.

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Water Treatments:
There are many ways to treat and clean up water, the best way relates back to the origins of water and the way Nature makes water.

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We Created a Plastic Monster:
Yes we have, learn of this monster's size and the solution. Also come to know what are the myths & hoaxes.

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Waste Water, Waste Energy:
Drip, drip goes the hot water from your faucet. Warning: Scalding Hot water. Watering your lawn in the rain automatically.

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Water Saving and Energy Saving Details:
One page at a time... From your faucets to appliances to your garden work.

Some Hard Hitting Water Shortage Facts: The United States will not be excluded from these fresh water shortages.

Some Hard Hitting Nation Wide Wasting Water Facts: The old and aging infrastructure of America's fresh water delivery system not only has leaks, but also serious infiltration of pollution that is getting into our fresh water supply.

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Saving Water at Ballparks and Stadiums:
The Bird's Nest has them. New York Met fans use them and they are at Dodger Stadium. Have you seen these urinals? They don't use any water to flush!