“Just give me the seeds and I will produce for you
a thanksgiving feast.

-LJW 1985
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Photograph: Alfred Steiglitz

How We Waste...

Mr. Lauto is available for speaking engagements for corporations, institutions and organizations to address areas where we have been misinformed and to inspire solutions with teamwork.

For more information,
feel free to send an E-Mail.

With many Americans not realizing they are wasting up to 70% of the energy they consume and don't know that they can annul the situation, we realized a serious “what-to-do” web site was needed. Other Web sites that are available for energy savings don’t really go into details or offer “real-time” answers or they have a conflict of interest. EnergyHotWire.com's mission is to teach details about lowering energy bills, not entertain or scratch the surface with tidbits of tips. This mission shall be done without any conflict of interest. Therefore, we do not sell and we do not accept ads with any energy relationships.

One of our goals is to cover energy and environmental saving topics from the basement to the attic and help individuals determine which information pertains to their house’s specific situations. For Corporate America, Institutions, and Organizations, we hope to help redirect them away from all the misinformation being fed on becoming "green".

Our ultimate goal is for all of us to make a difference and a lasting positive impact on our wallets, our world’s environment and our children’s future.

To our children and grandchildren:

So that our efforts today are appreciated tomorrow, because we did not leave the problems created by
our parents and us for
our children to solve at the eleventh hour.

-Thank you,
Bill Lauto, President of EHW