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We have three fronts against the energy problems that are consuming America. There are our corporate and political fronts which everyone is depending on and then there is the Home Front.

The Home Front is you and me living in our houses. Each house while small in comparison to corporate buildings and our government, it is this Home Front that has the strongest and most power to lead the way to America's energy independence day!

P.S. We have been using the term "America's Energy Independence Day" for our Lectures and Seminars four years before the political arena started using it.

Yes, you and me... And below is just a small part of the proof !

Intention and determination are two words with powerful definitions. However, without implementation, these words are meaningless. The reasons for failing to implement energy saving steps are numerous. The reasons range from lack of information to profit margins, from the lack of time to insufficient research. While you may think the corporate and political theaters have done a great deal to save energy, it is these reasons that has handcuffed them. Meanwhile, the average American homeowner with far less money and time has made a substantial dent into America's energy and environmental problems.

After the last gasoline shortage homeowners slowly started to buy more efficient refrigerators and changed light bulbs to save in the early 1980's. By the late 1980's the Boston Globe had an article showing how one power plant in the state of Massachusetts would not be needed if every homeowner in that state change over to the most efficient refrigerator made at the time.

Our Link to our Compare and Save page, will bring you to a chart showing you an example of a house that realizes an electric bill savings of $ 762.28 in one year after implementing recommended steps for just Lighting and an extra refrigerator / freezer. PAYBACK for this investment that obtained the savings of $ 762.28 was in a fast 5 months and 3 weeks! The total yearly energy savings was well over $1,400.00 when additional energy saving steps that we recommended were taken. Payback for the entire investment that obtained these savings was less than 2 years!
AND those are numbers from the 1980's!
So calculate today's savings!

Additional energy saving steps were in the following areas:
Heating, Cooling, other Appliances, Insulation and Hot Water.

America's energy consumption remained the same while America's economy grew over 60% from 1982 to 1998!*

Why? Because the Home Front that has the strongest power to lead the way to America's energy independence was a major contributing factor as to why America's energy consumption remained the same!
Just changing some light bulbs and a major appliance help lead the way for the above fact.

* Data cited from E - The Environmental Magazine; January 1998

We have the technology.


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"Watchdog in Action"
Most people never realize how much can be saved without sacrifice. Our Home Savings Comparison Chart has been an "Eye-Opener" for Homeowners, Reporters, Contractors, Plumbers, Electricians, Engineers, and Architects. So let us all get together, for we are all on the same team, and let's make a difference!

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"Watchdog in Action"
That the FIRST energy saving bulb in the U.S. became available in 1982?
Yes, 1982 ! Not 2002 or 1992, but over twenty five years ago!
You may wish to read more about this subject by visiting the Lighting topic link.

- This first energy saving bulb was made by North American Phillips Lighting.
- The technology was developed in Europe due to the last gasoline shortage of 1978.
- The bulb was 18 watts and gave off 75 watts of light.
- The selling price from 1982 to 1987 was $ 24.95 each, but saved more than enough off the electric bill to offer a payback in less than one year!
(in areas with the Nation's highest electric rates & the bulb used 12 hours a night or day)

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