“Anything done for only immediate gratification
and / or short term accomplishment is not
honorable to do at all.”
(This refers to everything – everything.)
- LJW 1996
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Company's History

Under the company B and B Ventures, Inc., the service EELC (Environmental, Energy and Lighting Consultants), was initiated by the company's President, Bill Lauto, in 1984. After the conservation steps of the 1970s which entailed sacrifice by lowering the heat and wearing a sweater, Mr. Lauto came on the scene in 1981 presenting facts and teaching details long before anyone else on how we can save without sacrifice by correctly implemented the technology we already obtained. Conducting energy saving reports, consulting for corporate and government accounts on environmental topics such as: air, asbestos, cooling, heating, lighting, radon, office recycling stations and water were the primary purpose of the business.

During the 20th Anniversary of Earth Day in 1990, Mr. Lauto was the Environmental Energy Advisor to the Earth Day Committee, former New York Commissioner Mark Green, and former New York Mayor Dinkins at two Earth Day Press Conferences. Mr. Lauto also became the attending Environmental and Energy expert on several television news and radio talk shows.

By 1994 the Internet was being explored as a tool to provide energy saving information. Having the foresight, Mr. Lauto first launched the Light Bulb HotLine web site off of the company's Domain in 1996. Then in April of 2001, EnergyHotwire.com stepped in. At the end of 2001, EnergyHotwire.com started to work on a stronger effort to present energy saving data. On every Earth Day since then, we add more details to our web site EnergyHotWire.com to meet our Mission.

Bill Lauto is available for speaking engagements for corporations, institutions and organizations to address areas where we have been misinformed and to inspire solutions with teamwork.

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