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Actually, 290 gallons of oil is the most used in one year. As little as 265 gallons of oil has been used in comparison to the previous owners of the house who use on aveage 1000 gallons of oil per year.

So after two years of a few energy saving steps, we only use 290 gallons of home heating oil. Astonishment for my old oil company. I now buy as I need and that is about once a year from another oil company.

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"Watchdog in Action"
Most people never realize how much can be saved without sacrifice. Our Home Savings Comparison Chart has been an "Eye-Opener" for Homeowners, Reporters, Contractors, Plumbers, Electricians, Engineers, and Architects. So let us all get together, for we are all on the same team, and let's make a difference!

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"Watchdog in Action"
That the FIRST energy saving bulb in the U.S. became available in 1982?
Yes, 1982 ! Not 2002 or 1992, but over twenty five years ago!
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- This first energy saving bulb was made by North American Phillips Lighting.
- The technology was developed in Europe due to the last gasoline shortage of 1978.
- The bulb was 18 watts and gave off 75 watts of light.
- The selling price from 1982 to 1987 was $ 24.95 each, but saved more than enough off the electric bill to offer a payback in less than one year!
(in areas with the Nation's highest electric rates & the bulb used 12 hours a night or day)

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