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(features and details may change or vary without notice)

• No electric bill
• Built-in flashing (26 Gauge Zincalume Alloy-coated steal)
• 11 watt peak Solar Panel mounted on top
• Three 12" Aluminum balanced fan blades
• 800 CFM, 1,800 square foot coverage
• Weather Resistant, U.V. coated
• Vacuum formed A.B.S.
• Low voltage-long life DC brush type Motor
• Galvanized bug screen (.225 Mesh wire)
• Available in Dark roof color (color varies)
• Best when installed to face Solar South
• Quiet motor, Virtually no noise!
• No cost for Electrician to hook it up
• Even after cost of Roofer to install unit the over all Cost is far less
• Easy to install; no sheet metal work necessary
• Operates all year long giving a winter time bonus of reduced mildew, moisture and when combined with reduced heat your roof structure will have a longer life.
• Gets a head start in reducing heat in your attic because unlike an electric fan, your Solar Powered fan doesn't wait for you, your timer or the thermostat control to turn it on. It is error free, because when the sun is up, it is on!

The cost for a professional Roofer to install the solar attic fan is NOT included with the contest prize.
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