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For many people the KITCHEN is very important and it should be.
cooking and saving energy in the kitchen

Think about this for a minute, for those who spend time cooking and eating together everyday, they will have a solid support structure. After all, we have to eat everyday and doing this together leads to better communication. Better communications leads to proud accomplishments. Sitting down to eat with family and friends at least once a day will lead to many great things. Perhaps even deciding on what steps to take to lower your Energy bills!

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We start with a bounty of food. Yes, we are very fortunate to have so much food available to us on a regular basis. We must stop taking this fact for granted and take more time to be thankful. In addition to that, we have to make time to realize how much energy can be saved with all the kitchen appliances.

communication helps save in many ways

lower electric bills in the kitchen
So cook up that dinner for two...


saving energy in the kitchen
or dinner for the family...

lowering energy costs in the kitchen

or dinner for the whole entire family!

family eating and saving energy together

one team, one family to save our Earth
save money on energy in the kitchen . how to talk about saving energy

Then eat, mangi, coma, mangez, Φάτε, Eet, Съешьте, 吃,
먹으십시오, 食べなさい, Essen Sie, and then talk.

Talk about everything. Talk about eating healthier. Talk about saving energy and our Earth for ourselves and our children!
For we are one team, one family.

So what are the energy saving steps
we should talk about to lower
our energy bills among kitchen appliances?


There are many, many steps one can take to save and lower energy bills in the kitchen. So let's get started with the Links at the bottom of this page for each kitchen appliance, but first did you read the info for buying new appliances? See the energy star info link below-left, if you didn't.

Watchdog in Action:
Never fear, the Energy Star
Label is here!

The Energy Star Label is helpful, but not a fear-nothing solution. While this 1992 program identifies appliances that have lower operation costs than other models, this star DOES NOT automatically mean you are buying the model that is the most energy efficient one made. So before you buy any new Kitchen appliance, please visit our section on this topic with the Deputy Star Link:

. . . . energy star program

The Energy Star Label has been in town since 1992, but is it the MOST energy efficient protection?

Some people also say it is in need of a major upgrade to deal squarely with major appliances?



Never fear,
the Energy Star Label
is here!

Whoa... wait a second.
energy star info
Many people are confused by thinking the star
means they are buying the best model for
saving the most energy.

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Please use the Links below to read about energy saving steps for a specific appliance in your kitchen:

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Can Opener, Electric Clothes Dryer Clothes Washer
Coffee Maker Dishwasher(s) Food Processor
Garbage Compactor Juicer Microwave
Oven(s) Refrigerator(s) Stove
Toaster Oven / Toaster Waffel Iron Water Distiller

To learn how to calculate the electric bill on any appliance: CLICK HERE