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"Communication is the Tool
Knowledge is the Power
Implementation is the Victory"
LJW 2007

Thank you for visiting All of us welcome the opportunity to work with you and to help you evaluate how to significantly lower your energy bills without sacrifice.

At Energy we have been providing information to save energy, money, & our environment
since 1982
. Only solutions without any sacrifices were and are recommended.
The fact is that our team didn't just join the "Going Green" movement, we have been doing this since the first SL-18 energy saving bulb was made in Lynn Massachusetts back in 1982!

That's correct, energy saving bulbs didn't just come out a few years after the turn of the century. We have been working hard to promote well tested energy saving products since 1982. Interested in why it took so long for these energy saving bulbs to become readily available to the general pubic? Visit our Nothing New Article in our Lighting section under How To Save.

Saving energy, saves our planet from numerous potential problems, such as Greenhouse warming that "may" create "one possibility" that "may" contribute to an Ice Age. (We will have a section explaining the real science soon) So twenty years ago was the time to change one or two light bulbs. Today, you have to change all your lights and start evaluating your heating, cooling, hot water, insulation, and every topic present through this web site.

Since 1982 we have conducted and managed thousands of energy audits for homeowners, businesses, organizations and celebrities. Not one report recommended a single action that implied sacrifice or conserving. energy auditsNever once have we stated that to save money and energy one must turn down their thermostat and wear a sweater. Yet, we have been instrumental in saving our clients money and oil for our country. We help homeowners achieve energy bill savings up to 60% or more when all recommended energy saving steps have been implemented correctly. You do not have to sacrifice by doing more with less, in fact you can have more and pay much less. American homes can be efficient with common sense and the correct application of current technology that really works. Thus, lowering your energy bills to be 1/4 of your neighbors with comparable homes. Then you can help them lower their energy bills. After all, this is a team effort and we are all on the same team.

Now we will introduce you to energy saving steps that are consider "Trade Secrets" or "Privilege Information" by some people. This is because if you ask some people from fuel suppliers or utility companies about the topic, you may be told numerous stories and excuses as to why you shouldn't implement that step. Since some, just want to sell you more of their product, not less. Look for the text: Watchdog in Action, on various web pages to know when you have important data to learn. So don't expect to find just an energy saving tip or two on this web site... You can learn what energy saving steps will work best for you and your house's specific situations. You will discover that there can be over one hundred energy saving steps that may apply to your energy consumption. Please don't expect to do one magical step that will lower your energy bills significantly. The only real way to achieve maximum savings is by determining which steps are best for you and spending the time to implement them. In most cases once you identify one step that will offer you a substantial savings, the only way to accomplish that step is by doing two other steps that are prerequisites for the first step. For example, making an energy saving change on your heating system probably means you have to address your Domestic Hot Water (the water you drink, shower, and cook with) and how you make it hot. Also you will need to review and probably address the insulation level in your attic and walls.

Watchdog in Action: What kind of energy saving change on your heating system? How about a Cold Start Boiler control panel for example - Many homeowners never-ever heard about this step - Wonder why? Payback is usually in one winter if you are also able to change your accustat so your system no longer maintains temperature. This way, savings in heating can be around 33% if all this applies to your house. What does all this mean and what you need to know will be explained in our Heating section. Overall your Payback can be within two years after implementing this and all prerequisite steps.

You will determine what energy saving steps presented throughout this web site will be worth implementing. Several steps will have paybacks within months. Most steps will offer you a percent return so that your payback will be less than two years. Some steps will have less than a three year return on your investment and a few steps will pay for themselves between three and five years. We usually don't recommend steps that take longer than three years, unless there are other justifications besides saving energy. After all, it is nice to have a monthly savings on your utility bill that will reimburse you for the cost to implement the energy saving step(s), such as buying a new refrigerator.

So what is the bottom line? We thank you for visiting and we invite you to become more energy independent! This will take some work on your part, but at least you will learn facts about energy topics from your basement to your attic and no longer feel intimidated or overwhelm.

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